GoFAR Rover Platform Options:


Please contact us, we customize our designs to meet your needs. 

  • Military & Law Enforcement
    • Tactical
    • Reconnaissance​

The GoFAR Rover Applications Know No Bounds:

GoFAR USA is the result of engineering with a serious interest in automation, robotics and mechanics. Our engineering comes with a diverse exposure in specialized robotic system design and mechanical know how and the desire to integrate. We have years of engineering, controls and machine design and testing experience from a diverse array of mixed fields to include commercial, industrial and Aerospace.  We would like to advance and share technology with you!
  • Basic Rover
    • ​Radio Control with choice of RC Controller
      • ​4 channel mixing cable controller required
      • ​Use the one provided or use your own
  • Basic Rover for BYO:
    • ​Basic Rover (above) to Build Your Own Controls or Autonomy
  • Rover with On Board Controller
    • ​Pixhawk Autopilot
    • Mission Planner Configured
  • Rover with On Board Controller and Avoidance Sensors
    • ​Added Avoidance Sensors Pixhawk Autopilot
    • FPV with portable monitor or gogles for remote control

Quick GoFAR Rover Specifications:

  • 24Vdc and 48Vdc System
  • Drive System Power Options: 1.4kW to 3.2kW Standard
  • Brushless DC Sensored Wheel Motors
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Differential Steering (a.k.a. Tank Drive or Skid Steering)
  • Speed:  0-20mph
  • Battery Voltage and Current Limits configured at motor controller level for added protection
  • ​Other Customization at your request
  • Mobile Instrumentation
    • ​Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Agricultural
    • Engineering


We are kicking off our venture with a series of Rover Robots. With instrumented applications in industrial and commercial measurement, agricultural monitoring and military & law enforcement tactical and reconnaissance applications. We have already teamed with Lidar USA (www.lidarusa.com) to provide a Rover based scanner system.  We have also configured our system to carry the Z+F Profiler Mobile Scanner.

  • Mine & Cave Examination
    • ​Exploration
    • Inspection
    • Extraction
GoFAR Spider Gopher


We can help you with your decision
​on which way to go!
There is a lot of work to be done out there, and navigating the way requires strength, endurance, traction and smarts. GoFAR USA can help take you there, to get the job done, and back!.

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GoFAR Black Gopher.